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Why haul your kids around the world? The only answer is why not. It is the best thing a family can do. Yeah it costs a smaller fortune but just spending the whole trip with the other parent and the kids is well worth it. Imagine no need to work, just play with the children and explore new countries as they come along.

Well we spent some time to figure out what countries that seemed to be a good idea to visit. We took a safe journey, since this was our first long trip with children.

Here you will find photos, a short video from the trip, articles about each stop we made.

The Trip

We spend 80 days on the whole trip.

The first stop was New York where we stayed for four days. We rented a car and drove up to Brunswick, Maine to visit relatives for about ten days.

We returned to New York to catch a plane to Los Angeles, where we stayed with good friends of ours. From LA we took a four day long trip to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.

From US we went to the paradise called Fiji, we stayed for two weeks going to different islands.

We continued to Australia, where we spent about three weeks.

We landed in Sydney and after a few days, including a birthday party some new friends we met at Fiji, we rented a car and went up to Brisbane. We followed the coastline down back to Sydney again. At Lennox Head we stayed with a pair of new found friends, yeah we met them at Fiji too. Did we mention that the Australians are well known for their hospitality?

Then it was time for the real lazy part of our vacation, Thailand. After a couple of days in Bangkok we went for two relaxing weeks at Koh Samet. A good thing about travel with children is that you get to know other parents. Here we meet a nice family from Hong Kong that we spent a lot of time with.

The last stop was Beijing in China, where we stayed for about two weeks. All things has to end, and we finally went back home to Stockholm, Sweden.